Lenox Hill Hospital, a member of Northwell Health, is planning a revitalization so we can continue to provide our patients and the community exceptional care for generations to come.

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About Renewing Lenox Hill Hospital

Lenox Hill Hospital is part of the Northwell Health network, the largest private employer in New York State and the New York metropolitan area, providing world-class health care to over two million people annually. Northwell Health plans to revitalize Lenox Hill Hospital into a hospital ready to care for current and future generations. The hospital’s mission is to deliver care with compassion and respect, to promote wellness in our communities and to advance the field of medicine through education and research. The vision for a renewed Lenox Hill Hospital is deeply informed by its expert staff as well as modern medical standards and community feedback and will ensure the hospital remains at the forefront of clinical care for years to come. 

As Northwell’s flagship Manhattan hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital is an essential piece of New York City’s healthcare system and has a national reputation for outstanding patient care and innovative medical and surgical treatments. Today, more than 144,000 patients visit Lenox Hill Hospital every year, with over 37,000 emergency room visits and over 4,000 baby deliveries. 

We will continue to engage the community, elected officials, physicians and our employees as we renew Lenox Hill Hospital, updating the patient experience with single-patient rooms and modernized departments while offering the world-class, patient-centered care it has always delivered.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions for additional information and to learn more about our plan to revitalize Lenox Hill Hospital.